I created this blog to inspire. This is your space for inspiration. Inspire you to desire aliveness in your life. To never stop wanting more. To crave greatness. To continue on your journey. To pick you up when you tire. To open not just your eyes but your heart.

At times I will be a messenger of inspiring words, provocation of the discomfort that’s sitting within you, help you find focus, motivate when needed, inspire when necessary, and encourage connection to the uniqueness that you are.

Come here to find the quench in your thirst, the found in your lost, the feed in your hunger or the locator in your seek.

We all need those things along the stages of our journey. I do too and for me, writing is the main tool but not the only tool I use to satisfy what is needed in the moment and it allows me to share that satisfaction.

Reminding You of Your Greatness