Tunnel Vision to My Alternate

Daily Prompt: Tunnel Vision – You’ve been given an ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice – anywhere on earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?

The Tunnel to my Alternate

The other end of my tunnel leads to my alternate; the whole and complete me. It will give me the ability to visit the alternate me whenever I please.

Today I am not feeling my worth so I close my eyes and envision my tunnel. I begin walking to the other side for a glimpse of my wholeness.  To remember. To be filled.

I feel her.

I see her.

Just a mere glimpse of her, expands me, fills me.  Standing in her presence, I am no longer feeling drained.  My fear is waning. I am feeling energized.  What a gift not to be tainted by  life or people are my thoughts.  Then she reminds me that it is my  choice to allow my existence to be tainted by every circumstance, every word, every thought, every look.  It is my choice to allow what stays with me today.  “You can do it on the other side” she says. “What you allow in your energy and space is entirely up to you.”

“It is easy when you are alone.” I said softly.

“People are around me just like they are around you on the other side.  The reason you can’t see them is because I don’t allow them to permeate my space so they seem invisible to you.” she said.

Looking closer, I can now see what was hidden from my view: the others’ existence around her. “How is this happening?” I ask.  She replies “Self-worth is never felt through others but only through the shedding of others.  Shedding of their opinions, words, thoughts, and actions.  Then they will seize to exist in your world and your energy too.”



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