Life’s Awaken Kisses


Before you entered into this world, you were filled with glee, anticipating that grand adventure as you slide down your birth canal to your incarnation. When you arrived, your greeters shifted into gear molding your fate and planning your destiny. The continuum of your life (controlled by others) is your poison apple and as life becomes overwhelming, you take a final bite and fall into a deep sleep waiting for true love’s kiss to awaken you.

Don’t you love those stories with the happy endings? Wanting to be the princess waiting to be awakened by your prince’s kiss or being the prince, looking to rescue his princess. You can either be the victim and stay asleep to life, blaming evil along the way or be a savior, always looking for someone to save. But there is another option, another side I urge you to look at. This option allows you to take charge of your life and be your own savior, not waiting for anyone to rescue you or looking for someone to rescue.

KallieYou are called to be the hero and lead in your own story and to be awaken by the original true love’s kiss…life. If you are attentive and receptive, you can feel life’s kisses all the time, all around you. In every breath you take, through the beauty of an evening sunset, the greeting of an animal after a short absence, the resonance of a word, or the laugh of a child. Moment by moment you can feel its tender lips touch you through your emotions and the many opportunities it presents for you to choose. Every time life embraces you, you are being given an opportunity to awaken, to remember the eagerness you felt before this incarnation.

While waiting for your prince or looking for your princess, you are descending your happiness ladder and as he or she arrives, you are not awaken to your life but still asleep in that reality that’s continually being designed for you. When you are awaken by life’s true kisses, you will become more and more conscious of your life and active in your life and ascension of your happiness ladder will occur.

Let life’s kisses awaken you to your very own dwarfs inside of you.  It is giving you the opportunity to connect with your inner Doc (your inner guru), reminding you that your consciousness spreads beyond this world. Whenever your inner Grumpy (undesirable emotions) presents itself, life is trying to deepen your awakening.  Accept its kiss and don’t allow your inner Bashful (fear) to take over and hold you back from this grand adventure you were anxious to experience before birth.  And don’t allow your inner Sneezy (personal growth allergen) to make you run to your escapism and avoid living, confining your soul and stunning your evolution.  If you ignore your undesirable emotions, your inner Sleepy (the unawaken you) will lead you into slumber once again.  Determine to succeed so you can meet your inner Dopey (the unique individual that you are), and as you climb out of that slumber and up your happiness ladder, you’ll meet your inner Happy (authentic happiness).  Life is about tilling your own individual mine so you can discover your own treasures that got buried under the rubble of life the moment you arrived here.

Heigh-Ho, Heigh- Ho


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